- Appetizers -

AGE TOFU   $6.95 Fried tofu with tempura sauce, bonito flakes & green onion (4pcs)

ALBACORE LOVER  $14.95  Albacore sashimi served with our home-made special sauce and topped with fried onion (8 pcs)    

APPETIZER SAMPLER  $6.95 Gyoza, shumai and haru maki

(2 pcs each)   

BAKED MUSSELS  $8.95 Served in the shell, baked in special mayo and  topped with green onion and masago (6 pcs)

BEEF TERIYAKI  $8.95 Marinated boneless beef strips served with teriyaki sauce and sesame seeds     7.95

CALAMARI TEMPURA  $8.95  Batter-fried baby squid served with a side of  tempura sauce

CHICKEN KATSU  $7.95 Panko-battered fried chicken served with katsu sauce and sesame seeds   

CHICKEN TERIYAKI  $7.95 Marinated dark meat chicken served with teriyaki sauce and sesame seeds

DYNAMITE  $9.95 Scallop, shrimp & crab baked in special mayo on top of rice, served with eel sauce, bonito flakes and green onion

EDAMAME  $4.00 Lightly salted and steamed soy beans 

GYOZA  $5.95 Pork & vegetable dumplings (4 pcs) 

HARU MAKI $4.95  Fried vegetable spring rolls (4 pcs) 

OYSTERS ON THE HALF SHELL $13.95 Raw oysters served with  masago, scallion and ponzu sauce

MAINE $10.95 Langostino, crab and shrimp baked in Maine sauce on top of rice, served with eel sauce (CONTAINS PEANUTS)

SALMON COLLAR  $6.95 Baked salmon collar served with our special sauce (MAY TAKE OVER 20 MINUTES)


SALMON TERIYAKI  $8.95 Grilled salmon served with teriyaki sauce and  sesame seeds


SASHIMI SAMPLER  $14.95 Tuna, yellowtail and salmon (3 pcs each) 

SHRIMP KUSHI YAKI $8.95 Fried/grilled skewered shrimp topped with teriyaki sauce and sesame seeds (8 pcs)

SHUMAI $4.95 Fried shrimp dumplings (4 pcs) 

SOFT SHELL CRAB $10.95  Two whole crabs lightly floured then deep fried and served with ponzu sauce

TAKO YAKI  $4.95 Flour-battered chopped octopus served with teriyaki sauce, mayo and bonito flakes

YELLOWTAIL COLLAR $7.95 Baked yellowtail collar served with our special sauce (MAY TAKE OVER 20 MINUTES)

YUMMY CRUNCH $9.95 Tuna, tomatoes, cilantro lightly tossed in sweet and spicy miso dressing, topped with green onion and masago. Served on top of wonton skins

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